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Knitwear that will knock your socks off

If you don't know Inis Meáin, it's time you do.

Named after one of the three Aran Islands that lie on the far edge of Europe, thirty miles off the western shore of Ireland, this place of wild, rugged beauty has inspired Inis Meáin Knitting Company since 1976. Today, the company continues to delve into the rich knitting heritage of the island for inspiration, reinterpreting traditional stitches and styles in the finest yarns to create beautiful and sophisticated garments for contemporary living.

Sweater colors are all inherent to the landscape of the Outer Hebrides: blues from the sea and sky, tans from the beaches and grey from the rugged coastlines. Each piece tells its own unique story. Read more about them or come visit us today to see these beauties.

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