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Founded in 1950 in Florence, Italy, this "made by women for women" brand is now operated by daughters Enrica and Roberta.

Antonelli 3.png
Antonelli 5.png
Antonelli 7.png

Founded in France in 1996, affordable luxury for today's fashionable woman.

Avenue Montaigne 2.png
Avenue Montaigne.png
Avenue Montaigne 3.png

With the third generation now leading, commitment to the art of fine Italian design remains.

Bagutta .png
Bagutta image 1.png
Bagutta Women 2.png
Bagutta image 5.png

Founded in Rossbach, Germany in 1987, attention to cut, style and comfort is given to its collection of denim and trousers.

Cambio Jeans.png
Cambio Jeans 10.png
Cambio Jeans 9.png
CAmbio Jeans 6.png

Founded by Italian textile industrialist Gennaro Dargenio, Circolo 1901 focuses on the real - real clothing for real people - by stripping back a garment to its purest form, letting the personality of the piece and its wearer shine.

Circolo 1901 4.png
Circolo 1901.png
Circolo 1901 2.png
Circolo 1901 3.png

Began in 1946 by Vienna refugee Cornelia James and now run by the third generation, this family is still making exquisite accessories by hand in Sussex, England and holds the honor of having been appointed by the Queen as her personal glovemaker.

Cornelia James 5.png
Cornelia James 4.png
Cornelia James.png

Originating as Cose di Maglia S.r.l., this fine Italian knitwear brand became D. Exterior in 1997.

D. Exterior 4.png
D. Exterior 2.png
D. Exterior 9.png
D. Exterior 2.png

Known throughout Europe for exquisite fit, this ready-to-wear and made-to-measure shirting brand has been a family affair since 1989.

Emanuel Berg 2.png
Emanuel Berg 3.png
Emanuel Berg.png

Crisp white shirts, tulle skirts and lighter than air linen, these are the pieces that transport you to the Italian coast.

Hubert Gasser 20.png
Hubert Gasser 16.png
Hubert Gasser 13.png
Hubert Gasser 17.png

Providing a great fit in trousers and denim since 1973.

MAC Jeans.png
MAC Jeans 7.png
MAC Jeans 9.png
MAC Jeans 02.png

A Parisian design house perfecting the tee with luxury and simplicity.

Majestic Filatures 2.png
Majestic Filature 5.png
Majestic Filatures 3.png
Majestic Filatures.png

From the first deaf American designer and manufacturer comes a line that is timeless, sustainable, and responsibly sewn in Los Angeles.

Mona Thalheimer.png
Mona Thalheimer 5.png
Mona Thalheimer 4.png
Mona Thalheimer 5.png

What began in 1962 by Maria Peserico as a small studio specializing in women's pants has grown into a fashion house now run by the second generation.

Peserico 7.png
Peserico 2.png
Peserico 3.png

Founded by the Sabintima Family in 2009, this Italian fashion house designs for the contemporary elegant woman and whose motto is: pure pleasure to wear.

Purotatto 4.png
Purotatto 2.png
Purotatto 5.jpg

An unmistakable blend of American and Italian style in Florence, Italy, since 1977.

Robert Friedman 4.png
Robert Friedman 6.png
Robert Friedman 2.png
Robert Friedman 3.png

Classic (lasts throughout time) + Contemporary (adapts to today's trend), Made in Italy.

Rosso35 2.png
Rosso35 9.png
Rosso35 5.png
Rosso35 8.png

Drawing inspiration from the village bearing its name, to the originations of the fisherman sweater and signature nautical stripes, this brand has been a leader in iconic French style for over 130 years.

Saint James.png
Saint James 8.png
Saint James 2.png
Saint James 6.png

Since 1946, from Salzburg, Austria, the Schneiders family has been designing and creating classic outerwear to withstand the demands of 

modern day.

Schneiders 3.png
Schneiders 2.png

Founded in 1970 in Venice, Italy by Sergio Tegon, this family run fashion house brings effortless chic style to the modern woman.

Seventy Venezia.png
Seventy Venezia 6.png
Seventy Venezia 4.png
Seventy Venezia 2.png


This Australian handbag line brings quality, innovative materials and colorful style to its collections.

Annabel Ingall 3.png
Annabel Ingall 2.png
Annabel Ingall 4.png

Clutches, crossbodies and totes in various leathers make for perfect accessories.

B May Bags.png
B. May Bags 03
B. May Bags 3.png
B May Bags 4.png

Luxurious accessories in natural fibers and colorful prints.

Cashmere Wrappings.png
Cashmere Wrappings image 1.png
Cashmere Wrappings image 3.png

Forever committed to casual, classic style, this family run accessories brand has been having fun in the sun since 1981.

Hat Attack 5.png
Hat Attack.png
Hat Attack 2.png

Founded in 1973 in Randolph, MA and completely sourced in the USA, this eyewear is expertly crafted in a 200-step process, making it a clear choice for the military since 1978.

Randolph 9.png
Randolph 8.png
Randolph 5.png
Randolph Engineering Noyes.png

Rooted in the belief that timeless style and selection, quality that lasts decades and unparalleled value make a beautiful bag, this family brand has been creating since 1980.

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Sondra Roberts 2.png
Sondra Roberts.png
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