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A weekender bag filled with fine, relaxed clothing crafted from the inspiring sights, sounds and smells of Sylt in the North Sea Islands, this is the spirit of 06451/.

04651 9.png
04651 5.png
04651 7.png

Founded in 1907 in Surrey, England, the cable knit sweater originated with this label and continues to be a mainstay for fine knits, outerwear and shooting gear.

Alan Paine 5.png
Alan Paine image 3
Alan Paine.png
Alan Paine 3.png

Founded in 1951 and now run by the third generation, this fine menswear label is designed and manufactured in Puglia, Italy. 

Angelo Nardelli image 1
Angelo Nardelli image 2
Angelo Nardelli 4.png
Angelo Nardelli image 5
Crittenden image 1.png

With its foundation in Midway, KY since 2001, Crittenden Rawlings has reinvigorated the concept of "slow fashion," taking the time to focus on every detail of a garment, providing excellence in quality and value. 

Crittenden 4.png
Crittenden 6.png

Founded by Luca Gorini, this Italian design house focuses on uncompromised luxury cashmere, cotton, linen and denim for the every day.

Crossley 3.png
Crossley 4.png

Based in London, for nearly 100 years the Rose family has been making the relaxing times of the day look and feel good.

Derek Rose.png
Derek Rose 2.png
Derek Rose 3.png
Derek Rose 4.png

Founded in 1966 by brothers Domenico and Francesco Demarco, this Italian fashion house aims to create a modern, yet timeless, wardrobe for men.

Fradi 3.png
Fradi 6.png
Fradi 4.png

After starting their first clothing line in 1979, Riccardo and Nunzia Sansonne created the Giannetto Portofino label in 2000 along with their two children, with a commitment to authentic Italian design, supreme quality and playful personality. 

Giannetto Portofino 3.png
Giannetto Portofino 4.png
Giannetto Portofino 5.png
Giannetto Portofino 4.png

Cosmopolitan outerwear and leatherwear, made in Italy since 1968.

Gimo's 4.png
Gimo's 3.png
Gimos 2.png
Gimo's 2.png

An Italian label with a focus on finely tailored casual shirts.

gmf965 image 4
gmf965 03.png
gmf965 06.png
gmf965 02.png

Birthed in California out of a father and son commitment to make stylish and functional clothing for modern men, these relaxed, refined and impeccably tailored trousers and shorts look good on every body type.

Halsey 44 Khaki Pant.png
Halsey 44.png
Halsey 44 3.png
Halsey 44 4.png

Founded in 1883, fourth generation shirt-makers in Houston, TX.

Hamilton 8.png
Hamilton 5.png
Hamilton Shirts 7.png
Hamilton 6.png

Handcrafted trousers made in America since 1925.

Hertling 06.png
Hertling 3.png
  • Hudson & Jane Shirts

Our very own label, finely crafted by New England Shirt Company.

Taking its name and inspiration from the isle located off Ireland's western coast, this small-batch knitwear company started by a husband and wife duo in 1976 draws its unique style and various patterns from the island's rich knitting heritage.

Inis Meain.png
Inis Meain 11.png
Inis Meain 2.png
Inis Meain 6.png

Superfine, contemporary knitwear made in Italy.

Irish Crone.png
Irish Crone 7.png
Irish Crone 5.png
Irish Crone 2.png

Sartorial suits and jackets made with traditional Neapolitan style.

Jerry Key 3.png
Jerry Key 4.png
Jerry Key 5.png
Jerry Key 6.png

Crafted from hand-picked Peruvian Pima cotton, these luxury tees have been made in San Francisco, CA since 2009.

Left Coast Tee.png
Left Coast Tee Assorted.png
Left Coast Tee 2.png
Left Coast Tee 2.png

With signature stitches and special washes, this American made label strives to elevate the basics.

M Singer.png
M. Singer.png
M Singer 3.png

Classic Italian outerwear with today's technology in materials and manufacturing.

Manto Outerwear.png
Manto Outerwear 7.png
Manto Outerwear 6.png
Manto Outerwear 9.png

Luxury Italian socks since 1947.

Marcoliani Socks 4.png
Marcoliani Socks Argyle.png
Marcoliani Socks 3.png

Designed for confidence and unmistakable style since 1975, the Baldassari label is a family affair in Milan, Italy.

Maurizio Baldassari 3.png
Maurizio Baldassari 4.png
Maurizio Baldassari 6.png

Since 1933, the oldest manufacturer of handcrafted ready-to-wear dress shirts and sport shirts in the historic Flint Mills in Fall River, MA.

New England Shirt image 2
New England Shirt Co 02.png
New England Shirt image 4

With nearly 3,000 hand-stitches in the collar and lapel alone, each jacket is constructed with the utmost in quality and care, giving this brand a devoted following since 1916.

Oxxford Clothes 5.png
Oxxford Clothes 2.png
Oxxford Clothes.png
Oxxford Clothes 3.png

Founded in 1999 in Naples, Italy by Marco Pescarolo and his wife Anna de Matteis, each garment is a blend of tradition and modernity and marked with a hand-embroidered label.

Marco Pescarolo 3.png
Marco Pescarolo 2.png
Marco Pescarolo 7.png
Marco Pescarolo.png

Family-owned, sustainable knitwear designed for men with impeccable standards and manufactured in Dornbirn, Austria since 1973.

Phil Petter 2.png
Phil Petter 4.png
Phil Petter 5.png

Handcrafted and signed denim and apparel company started by a husband and wife duo in Raleigh, NC in 2007.

Raleigh Denim Workshop 2.png
Raleigh Denim Workshop 12.png
Raleigh Denim Workshop.png
Raleigh Denim Workshop Signature.png

Detail, detail, detail - the very heart of this third generation Italian suit maker.

Santarelli 1915 Label.png
Santarelli image 1
Nicola Santarelli 03.png
Nicola Santarelli 06.png

Since 1946, from Salzburg, Austria, the Schneiders family has been designing and creating classic outerwear to withstand the demands of modern day.

Schneider's Salzburg 2.png
Schneider's Salzburg 3.png
Schneider's Salzburg 7.png

London based designer of meticulously made ties, pocket squares, scarfs and socks in only the finest fabrics.

Seaward & Stearn image 1
Seaward & Stearn 3.png
Seaward & Stearn 2.png

High quality business and leisure shirts, made in Italy since 1993.

Sonrisa Shirts 2.png
Sonrisa Shirts.png
Sonrisa Shirts 4.png

A combination of ancient craftmanship and innovative manufacturing provide the perfect, Made in Italy fit.

Teleria Zed 5.png
Teleria Zed.png
Teleria Zed 2.png
Teleria Zed 4.png

Since 2005, this Italian design house has been hand finishing seams and accessories for their swim and leisure wear.

Tiki Napoli 4.jpeg
Tiki Napoli 7.JPG
Tiki Napoli.png

Founded in Italy in 1992 out of a love for travel and the outdoors, this outerwear brand brings form and function, rugged and elegant, natural and high tech together.

Waterville 02.png
Waterville 3.png

Founded in Italy in 1979, apparel that marries classic style with innovated design.

White Sand 3.png
White Sand 2.png
White Sand.png

Bags & Leathergoods

Belts, wallets and bags made by hand, not machines, using only highly coveted Nile crocodile leathers.

Zambezi Grace Crocodile Bi-Fold Card Cas
Zambezi Grace Money Clip.png
Zambezi Grace Bi-Fold Leather Wallet.png


With an expertise in exotic leathers, this small batch design house based in Atlanta, GA has been crafting luxury since 1984.

W. Kleinberg 01.png
William Kleinberg image 3.png
W. Kleinberg.png
William Kleinberg.png

Belts, wallets and bags made by hand, not machines, using only highly coveted Nile crocodile leathers.

Zambezi Grace Crocodile Dress Belt.png
Zambezi Grace Crocodile Leather Belt Ass
Zambezi Grace Hornback Belt.png


Started by three brothers in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 1880 and continues today with the fifth generation still handmaking footwear in the same factory built in 1894.

Loake Shoemakers 3.png
Loake Shoemakers 4.png
Loake Russell Tassell Loafer.png
Loake Shoemakers 6.png

After personally studying under fine craftsmen in Utrecht, Netherlands, Noah Waxman returned to the US to start his own brand in 2013.

Noah Waxman Greenwich Sneaker.png
Noah Waxman Perry & Greenwich.png
Noah Waxman.png
Noah Waxman.png

Since 1908, four generations of hand sewn shoes in France.

Paraboot image 1.png
Paraboot 5.png
Paraboot 4.png
Paraboot 3.png

Since 1976, three generations of the Rancourt family continue the tradition of handsewn moccasins, loafers and boots in Lewiston, ME.

Rancourt 5.png
Rancourt 6.png


Founded in 1973 in Randolph, MA and completely sourced in the USA, this eyewear is expertly crafted in a 200-step process, making it a clear choice for the military since 1978.

Randolph Engineering 01.png
Randolph .png
Randolph Engineering Military.png
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